Capstone Project and Preparation Secrets

The key to its successful creation is the choice of the right topic. If the topic is interesting to you, profound enough and based on sufficient materials, your writing and presentation shaping will go smoothly. Sometimes topics are assigned. But the very goal of a capstone project is to let you practice in the independent selection of subjects of study, materials, and form of presentation. Indeed, it is reasonable to discuss the topic with your prof, but you have to come up with a topic first.

Before planning and drafting the paper, research the topic thoroughly and jot down key points. They will serve as your outline which will be clad in detail, evidence, and your explanations. So basically, start building the project while you are in the process of researching. It will really simplify your task. You can research on your own or ask for assistance from your local library or librarians in college. Just be sure to pick only reputable scholarly sources and skip blogs that do not feature any references or indications where the information comes from.

How to deal with this project successfully?

Plan in advance;
Apply critical thinking and selectivity in materials;
Show the skills in formal academic writing;
Stick to deadlines mentioned by profs;
If required, work in a team and distribute responsibilities for every team member.

Now you are ready to actually draft it.
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